Interior design can be confusing. Clients often want help whether it is a lot or a little but they are not always sure what to ask for; what they can expect, and importantly what working with an interior designer will cost.

The simple answer is that there are very few rules. We regularly do as little as visit a client once to advise on lighting. We equally take on projects where we are given an empty house and asked to design and supply everything from the wallpaper to the cutlery.

We are unusual in the interior design world because we are also retailers with access directly to hundreds of manufacturers. This means that when we present our clients with a design scheme, mood boards and samples, all the pieces we suggest are exactly the ones we could supply and not just vague examples of a look or style. This also means that we are often able to provide these pieces at discounted prices. In every case, when we have produced an interior scheme for a client and then provided the items we proposed, our clients have spent significantly less than if they had designed the space and supplied the same pieces for themselves.

We always hope that working with us as interior designers should remove stress and add fun and excitement to a project and we know that we save our clients both time and money in the process.

Here is a list of the services we provide:

  • Consultation at your home on any aspect of your interior you may wish to have advice on.
  • Sourcing and supply of furniture, lighting, fittings and trades.
  • Full or partial interior design service.
  • Complete project management from design conception, through structural work to decorative finishes and installation of hard and soft furnishings.

Here’s how the interior design process works:

  • We have an initial consultation with you on site where we take all the time we need to discuss style and function and agree on a budget for the work that needs to be done. We also agree a fee for us to produce the necessary design schemes.
  • We produce scale floor plans, elevations and mood boards which include all the relevant samples and finishes.
  • We visit you again to present our work and discuss all aspects of the project with you so that you now have all the necessary information to be able to proceed alone if you wish to do so. The fee is now paid for the design schemes and all the work we have produced is yours.
  • At this point you may ask us to implement either part or all of the design for you as project managers. In this case, after making any necessary changes we produce a detailed list of all the pieces to be supplied and technical specifications of works to be carried out and a cost for the complete project.
  • Before we place all the final orders we ask you for a deposit of around 50% of the total project. We then start work on site if necessary.
  • When we are ready to install the ordered pieces and finish any remaining details we ask for a second deposit from you and proceed to finish the project.
  • Only when we are all happy with the finished project we settle any outstanding payments.

To receive more information about any of our interior services, contact us on 01962 842320 or